Stylish Clothes Crochet Patterns Book 292 pages Dress Collar Skirt Top Duplet Special Issue Irish Lace 9

THE BEST RUSSIAN CROCHETING MAGAZINE EVER SPECIAL ISSUE OF DUPLET MAGAZINE. IRISH LACE Duplet # 9 in RUSSIAN *Evening versatile dresses, tops, collars, This issue contains tutorial on how to join LACE pieces into the ready lace. *Here you will find crochet patterns unlike anything in US. *Excellent guide for experienced crocheter and source of infinite inspiration for beginners. Crochet level: intermediate, advanced. In this issue you will find unique, inspirational, delightful designs performed using IRISH LACE techniques. PLEASE NOTE not all models have diagrams and crochet schemes. Magazine Duplet is deep and wide pool of ideas and a great source of inspiration for a modern experienced crocheter! You start with crocheting motives in form of flowers, leaves or geometrical forms. Then you assemble them in one finished piece. Irish Crochet Lace is made with a very fine steel crochet hook and fine crochet cotton or linen thread.You start by outlining your pattern on a piece of cloth.You then crochet each motif separately, using cotton cord for volume and shaping. The finished motifs are then basted (sewn with a loose stitch for temporary tacking) onto a cloth in the shape of the pattern. You then take up the cloth in your hand and join up the motifs using chains and picots (please see also IRISH LACE SPECIAL ISSUE Duplet #8).When all the motifs have been joined together forming one piece of lace the basting stitch is removed from the back cloth revealing your completed Irish crochet lace. Brief description: Language: Russian (language should not confuse you since patterns are presented in diagrams and schemes) Number of pages: lots of fresh inspirational ideas for your projects on 292 pages! Disclaimer: if you are beginner crocheter please take into account that you may find it difficult to crochet a whole dress since there is no step by step description of how to crochet from the beginning to the end.

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