D-FantiX 20 Pcs Bamboo Crochet Hooks Set Ergonomic Knitting Hooks with Compact Carry Case

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Look No Further Than D-FantiX Bamboo Crochet Hooks Set Smooth feel and unlike steel or aluminum hooks, they are made from high quality bamboo, making them eco-friendly. Additionally, while they may appear to be delicate, they are actually very strong, so you should not worry about the hook breaking while working on a project. Come with extra compact case.Keep all of your crocheting hooks and tools organized. No more searching around for the correct size crochet hook. You can easily locate the size of hooks you want and never worry about storing or misplacing an item again. Crochet Hooks are much lighter than those made of other materials. Crocheters often refer to a kind of "warmth" when using a bamboo crochet hook. Many crochet instructors feel they are great for beginners because they do not feel as slick as plastic or aluminum hooks. That lighter weight and feel in the hand will help extend crocheting time and help to avoid hand fatigue. No matter whether you're a beginner or an experienced crocheter´╝îthis 20 Pcs Bamboo Crochet Hooks Set is your best choice. Great Christmas gifts for families and friends Specification Material : Bamboo Size : 1.0MM 1.25MM 1.5MM 1.75MM 2.0MM 2.25MM 2.5MM 2.75MM(Marked on needles) Round Bamboo crochet: 3.0MM 3.5MM 4.0MM 4.5MM 5.0MM 5.5MM 6.0MM 6.5MM 7.0MM 8.0MM 9.0MM 10.0MM (Marked on needles) What's In the Box ? 1 x 20 pcs Bamboo Crochets Hook 1 x Case.

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