Crochet: Learn Quilt Blocks and How to Crochet in ONE Day

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In her latest book, Crochet Quilt Blocks: Learn How to Create Beautiful Quilt Inspired Crochet Projects, Florence Schultz take inspiration from beautiful quilt blocks and translates them into crochet patterns. With the use of basic crochet stitches you can crochet lovely crocheted quilt blocks and create timeless heirloom pieces your family and friends will love for a long time. You don’t need to know any fancy or complicated stitches or techniques to work the patterns in this book. Florence provides a short tutorial of the stitches she uses in this book.

•Chain Stitch
•Single Crochet
•Slip Stitch
•Double Crochet
•Front Post Double Crochet

To begin Florence gives you a short tutorial on yarn and the various fibers used to manufacture it. She also teaches you the importance of gauge, how to read and understand a yarn label, and how to choose the correct yarn for your project. Next she moves onto an explanation of crochet hooks; the types and different styles of holding the hook.
In the next section Florence teaches you crochet stitches and techniques in easy to understand language and with large clear images. You will learn basic and intermediate crochet stitches:

•Chain stitch
•Single crochet
•Double crochet
•Half double crochet
•Treble crochet
•Back and front loops stitches
•Back and front post stitches
•Shell stitch
•Cluster stitch
•Puff stitch

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