Crochet: Learn How to Design Crochet Hat Patterns: Learn The Basics of Crochet Hat Pattern Designs Design Your Own Creations

Includes 2 Free Bonus Books

Crochet Hats and Beanies and Crochet for Beginners

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own crochet patterns? In her latest book, Learn How to Design Crochet Hat Patterns; Learn the Basics of Crochet Hat Pattern Designs and Design Your Own Creations, Florence Schultz teaches you how to design your own crochet hat patterns. If you know the basics of crochet and the basic techniques, you can learn to put your ideas down into a pattern and create your own designs.

First Florence teaches you the basics a written crochet pattern. She guides you through each section of a pattern, and their importance. Next Florence teaches you the basics of crochet diagrams and graphs. She explains how to read and work crochet diagrams and graphs so you can create your own. Each component of a diagram and graph is explained so will understand how they are used to represent crochet patterns.

Tables of common crochet abbreviations and symbols are provided for your reference. Pattern repeats are explained and examples are given to help you visualize each part of a written pattern as well as diagrams and graphs.

Once you have the basics of written patterns, diagrams, and graphs down pat, Florence then moves onto hat construction. You will learn how the starting circle of fabric which forms the crown dictates the size of your hat designs. Florence helps you understand how each part of a hat works and how to design them as well as how each component works together in your designs. She also includes a handy table of hat sizes and measurements for the crown, body, and length of sizes from baby to large adult.
After you have learned the basics of patterns and how hats are constructed, Florence guides you through completely understanding the importance of gauge and how to design and write patterns. She shares tips from her vast experience of designing patterns so you can begin to design crochet patterns like a pro. She even shares tips on how to share your patterns whether you decide to share them for free or make them paid patterns.

Finally, as a bonus Florence shares five of her favorite hat designs with you. Use these written patterns as examples of how to design and write various styles of hats. If you have ever considered designing your own patterns but didn’t know where to start, then this is the book for you. Learn how to understand and write your own written patterns, as well as an overview of diagrams and graphs, so you can make your creations come to life Don’t miss out on Florence Schultz’s latest addition to her extensive crochet collection. Get your copy today!

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