Crochet: Learn How to Crochet the Catherine Wheel and Bavarian Crochet Stitches

In her latest book, Learn How to Crochet the Catherine Wheel and Bavarian Crochet Stitches, Violet Henderson teaches you all you need to know to learn how to crochet these timeless and popular stitches. First Violet begins with a tutorial about yarn and crochet hooks. She covers the importance of gauge in patterns, and provides handy tables for you to refer to for crochet hook sizes in US and millimeter sizing.
Next she moves onto basic crochet stitches and techniques. Everything you need to know to start to crochet is included in this book. Violet provides a table of the most common crochet abbreviations used in today’s patterns as well as a guide to yarn weights and recommended hook sizes.

You will learn the following crochet basics:

•Chain Stitch
•Single Crochet
•Double Crochet
•Treble Crochet
•Slip Stitch
•Back and Front Post Stitches
•How to change colors
•How to weave in tails securely

Each step includes large clear images and easy to understand instructions. It’s just like having your own crochet instructor guiding you each step of the way.

Once you have the basics down, Violet then teaches you how to crochet the popular Catherine Wheel and Bavarian Crochet patterns. She has included three variations on the Catherine Wheel stitch. The first is the basic Catherine Wheel crochet pattern. Next she teaches you the Catherine Ripple pattern which is a fun alternative to the traditional ripple pattern. Finally, in this section she teaches you how to crochet the Catherine Wheel stitch in the round.
The last chapter covers the Bavarian Crochet technique. This is a very fun and quick to learn stitch which is an excellent choice for many types of projects. By using back post stitches the stitches create a raised edge between rounds as well as unique color variations. Violet uses easy to understand step by step instructions along with large clear images to make learning these techniques easy for even a beginner to master.
If you’re looking for a fun hobby, or want to expand your stitch repertoire, don’t miss out on this exciting new book from Violet Henderson. Get your copy today!

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