Crochet: GRANNY SQUARE BASICS: Learn How to Crochet and Join Granny Square Motifs

If you have ever admired Granny Square afghans and throws, and wanted to learn how to crochet them, then Granny Square Basics: Learn How to Crochet and Join Granny Square Motifs, by Violet Henderson is the book for you. In this informative and easy to understand book Violet guides you through learning the basics of crochet and how to crochet Granny Squares. She also includes a chapter on joining methods and gives you pointers and tips on edging options.
To begin Violet teaches the basics of crochet. She explains and illustrates basic stitches and techniques.
•Chain Stitch
•Single Crochet
•Double Crochet
•Treble Crochet
•Front and Back Post Stitches
•Slip Stitch
•How to Fasten on a New Color
•How to Weave in Tails Securely
If you are new to crochet this chapter gives you all of the skills you need to crochet Granny Squares and many other crochet projects. If you are more advanced, this chapter will still serve you as a reference and refresher of basic skills and techniques.
Next Violet moves onto Granny Square basics. She explains their construction and gives you a step by step tutorial on crocheting your very first Granny Square. Each step includes easy to understand written instructions along with large clear images. Once you have learned how to crochet a traditional Granny Square, Violet guides you through learning the solid Granny. Solid Granny Squares are a great way to add texture and interest to your Granny Square projects.
To complete her lessons Violet then teaches you how to join your squares. She covers the whip stitch join, single crochet join, slip stitch join, and the fun and challenging join as you go method. Each step is explained for the beginner and includes large clear images so you can learn these skills easily. Violet even includes tips on edging your project complete with two edging patterns; the scallop edging and the shell edging.
This book has everything you need to begin crochet and create beautiful and creative Granny Square projects. Don’t miss out on this book. It will be sure to be a favorite in your crochet library. Get your copy today!.

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