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★ ☆LIMITED TIME BONUS INCLUDED: FREE EBOOK Reveals The Basics EVERY Beginner Needs To Know Before They Crochet!★ ☆

Discover RIGHT NOW 30 Fun And Cute Crochet Patterns For Decorating Your Home, Expressing Your Self, And Adorning Your Loved Ones With Beautiful Accessories!

**We've also included images of EVERY DIY project so you can see exactly what you're creating!**

Hi fellow crocheters!

My name is Anna Cross and I've compiled a brilliant selection of DIY crochet projects for you to master! There are a plethora of reasons for you to start on them today. For one, this is the perfect place for beginner Do-it-yourself enthusiasts who have basic crochet knowledge to nurture their creative genius. If you don't have the basic crochet knowledge yet, don't fret! This comes with a free ebook download that will show you everything you need to get started on these patterns! Crochet is also an art for more experienced crocheters to allow their skills to flourish by mastering some new stitches. This past time gives us creative freedom in decorating our homes, expressing our selves, and adorning loved ones with beautiful accessories. Also, if you're pressed for time and intend on something fast, these patterns will become your best friends.

With “Crochet Books: 30 Crochet Patterns In 30 Days With The Ultimate Crochet Guide”, you'll be able to whip up fun new gifts, surprises, accessories, and everything in between in practically no time at all. Whether you're looking for something classic, yet simple, or for stand out pieces, I've got a little something for you! This book is filled with some of the most captivating patterns around! Take your pick from any one of these when you're looking for your next project.

Happy Crocheting, folks!

Anna Cross

This Exciting Crochet Book Includes…
Booties for BabiesStreak ShawlFireplace Blanket Phone CaseHoliday Card CoverPatchwork BagAnd Much, Much More!This step by step guide will satisfy all your crochet cravings!

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