Crochet Collection: 24 Cuttest Patterns for Amigurumi, African Flower and Scarves for Your Family: (Crochet Books)

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Crochet Collection: 24 Cuttest Patterns for Amigurumi, African Flower and Scarves for Your Family

Book 1. African Flower Crochet: Learn How to Do the African Flower Hexagon Pattern with Cutest Projects

Crochet is a hobby that has stood the test of time. Across the globe, millions upon millions of people have learned how to do this hobby, and more people continue to get on board every single day.

But when it comes to crochet, many people feel trapped by the limited stitches they know how to do. Sure, most of the patterns you see call for the basics, whether it be single, double, or triple crochet, but when it comes down to it, you don’t want to stick with the basics all the time.

I want to show you exactly how to make this stitch, no matter what your crochet level is. With the easy, step by step directions you find here, you are going to have this pattern mastered in no time, and can get started with your own projects. I have included several easy projects for you to get started with, but this book is going to inspire you to go with many, many more.

Book 2. Amigurumi Crochet: A Collection of Easy and Adorable Amigurumi Patterns

We all love crochet, and some crochet is just too cute to not notice. Whether you are making adorable hats or boots for a baby, a pretty little pink scarf to wear over your tank top this summer, or a cute little blanket to surprise a friend with, it’s hard not to just stop and adore some little crochet patterns.

Perhaps some of the cutest crochet projects you will see are the amigurumi patterns. From adorable little plants and animals to people that simply melt your heart, there’s no end to the way this style of crochet can take your breath away.

These projects turn out in a variety of ways, all depending on what it is the artist wants. From the adorable little eyes to the great big heads, this is a fun style of crochet that will keep you entertained for hours.

But there is a downside to this crochet, and if you have ever tried it for yourself, you know what it is. These are hard to make if you don’t know what you are doing, and the final result can be frustrating if you aren’t given the right set of directions.

Book 3. Crochet Scarves: 10 Warm Scarves for Your Family

The human intellect and creativity are surely unprecedented. It is because nature has laid the foundation of the human race on the most fabulous principle of creativity, so innovation runs in the blood of the human race. It is because of this innate ability, that each passing day assures this ability, in the shape of many different art forms and innovation. These art forms result after rigorous efforts to come up with something new and innovative.

A person who believes on technological advancements may not find it attractive to talk about the handicrafts and different basic forms of art. But it is through these basic creations that technology has taken the lead because the art forms have inherited the finest and the most natural form of creativity. This book will focus on such innate and most basic art form, labeled as the Crochet. The creativity in the form of weaved patterns and sthe illustrations in the form of different art patterns make crochet one of the most famous arts of weaving.

You can use this book as an initial guide for the crochet. The focus has been the innovative and fashionable scarf patterns because it is both an accessory as well as apparel.

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