Crochet: Bavarian Crochet: 11 Popular and Easy to Make Crochet Patterns (Crochet patterns, crotchet for beginners, holiday crochet, crotchet afghans, crochet stitches)

Discover beautiful and easy-to-make crochet patterns…whether you’re new or advanced!

When it comes to Bavarian Crochet, people think it’s hard, or a bit too technical. Well I’m here to put that notion to rest!
You’ll soon learn that Bavarian Crochet can be quite simple and EXTREMELY fun to do.

Bavarian Crochet: 11 popular and Easy-To-Make Patterns is a guide meant to simplify the Bavarian Crochet style. It’s easy-to-follow, quick, and packed full of useful tricks to get your patterns to POP.

It’ll show you step-by-step how to stitch and design the most coveted crochet patterns…and it’ll teach you unique and hard-to-find designs.

Would you like to stitch stylish shawls and scarfs? It’s in this book.

Do you need a unique crochet pattern for a big holiday event? This book will show you how to make it!

But it doesn't end there.

When you purchase Bavarian Crochet: 11 popular and easy-to-make patterns, you'll also discover…
How to make the most basic Bavarian PatternsInstructions for left-handed and right-handed knittersHow to make simple squares that can then be applied to hundreds of other patternsHow to make full blankets and scarvesPatterns designed to show the loveliest detailsButterfly squaresHow to make whimsical blankets and scarf’sPerfect Crochet patterns for baby showers and newborns (You’ll even learn to make baby blankets!)Afghan patterns that can liven up your homeBavarian beanie styles that fit kids of all agesTricks and techniques to come up with your own unique patternsCrochet patterns that would impress your seasoned grandma

While it’s impossible to fit every pattern of crochet into one book, I’ve hand-picked ONLY the most stylish patterns and stitches for you to show off. My goal is to have guests at your cocktail parties notice a design you’ve made and say something like, “Hey, that’s a really pretty shawl…you know where I can buy one.”

Download this book today so you can start making some AMAZING patterns!

It's my mission to help you. And with this guide I'm going to take you by the hand and help you design some truly remarkable crochet patters.

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