Crochet: Advanced Crochet Stitch Guide + 50 Different Crochet Projects For Beginners: (Crochet Hook A, Crochet Accessories, Crochet Patterns, Crochet Books, Easy Crocheting)

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Crochet: Advanced Crochet Stitch Guide + 50 Different Crochet Projects For Beginners (FREE Bonus Included)

Book #1: Advanced Crochet Stitches: Cable Stitch, Sidesaddle Cluster Stitch, Loop Stitch, Spike Stitch, Slip Stitch Embroidery

With these stitches, you will be able to crochet advanced patterns for a multitude of items. The stitches chosen for this book will boost your crochet skills with useable stitches found in many advanced patterns. If you think you already know every crochet stitch imaginable, this book will surprise you with a few new ones!

Book #2: How To Crochet Corner To Corner: 10 Must-Know Afghan Crochet Patterns + 10 Creative Patterns For Special Moments

This book has 20 patterns, and these patterns are really beautiful. Each pattern is given with step by step instructions and images for your convenience.

Book #3: Argyle Crochet: 15 Projects Inspired by Argyle For The Holidays

Use this book as the guide you need to make the fun little pattern, then use that pattern to create all kinds of pieces you will love. Whether you want argyle blankets and pillows, or the cliché argyle scarf, this is the book for you.

Book #4: Crochet: 10 Modern And Beautiful Crochet Slouchy Hats Patterns

The most popular styles, from slouchy newsboy hats to a warm slouchy fisherman’s hat is represented in these patterns.

Book #5: Crochet For Babies: 20 Adorable Crochet Projects To Keep Your Loved Ones Warm And Cozy

This book is going to take the mystery out of baby crochet, and put you in the driver’s seat where you belong. So get your crochet hook, your favorite yarn, and sit back and relax.

Book #6: Crochet Socks: 7 Warm And Pretty Crochet Socks Patterns For The Whole Family

Whether you have made socks before or this is your first time, you are going to find patterns you can’t help but fall in love with. Make a pair of each for everyone in your family, then make a pair for yourself.

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