Crochet: 10 Super Cute Crochet Slouchy Hat Patterns

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10 Super Cute Crochet Slouchy Hat Patterns

Beanies and skull caps have been around for as long as any of us can remember. We all think of those kids at the skate park with their cool clothes and cool moves and cool hats and how we all wanted to be just like them.

We would wear the same clothes, walk the same way, and talk the same way, thinking we were as cool as they come. But then times changed. We got older. We started to do things more our own way than what we saw on the street. All in all, we grew up.

Suddenly, everything began to change. We wanted to wear things differently, we acted a lot differently, but there was one thing we still wanted… our beanies. But, we wanted them in a different way.

Now, instead of the tight caps that hug our heads, we opt for those that are more on the slouchy side. Instead of the caps that have graphic images painted across the sides, we opt for something that’s a little more hip… whether that be hippie or hipster. We want our beanies, but we want them our way.

And how are you going to get your beanie your way if you don’t make it yourself? How are you going to get the look you want, with the decorations you want, and the very size you want unless you make it yourself? Odds are, you won’t. If you want your beanie done the way you like, you have to break out your crochet hook and get down to business all on your own.

And that is what this book is going to show you how to do.

Follow the patterns for many different beanies and find the one you love
Have fun with the patterns as they are, or add your own flare to them
Mix and match patterns for your favorite looks and preferred styles
And more!

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